Below is the list of questions we get most frequently about our pool finishes. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us with additional questions.

Universal has been a proud supporter of the NPC since 1995:

The NPC conducts research and provides education to the pool plastering industry, for  instance, these segments on a common plaster problem, Spot Etching, why it happens and how to avoid it:




Finest Finish Blends™ give installers everything they need in a ready to use one bag system. We use only the best in raw materials and all of our finishes are based with our patented pozzolan blended cement making them stronger and more durable. We also use mineral based pigments making them less susceptible to fading.

You can buy Finest Finish Blends™ by purchasing truckloads directly or through your local distributor. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.

Our preblends already contain additives to help with pumpability. If you have a concern or a situational question please contact us.

To obtain marketing materials for any of our products please contact us and we will connect you with your local sales representative.

The first step to be coming an installer is to be a licensed contractor. If you are a licensed contractor please contact your local sales representative to speak to them about becoming an installer of Finest Finish Blends™.

Finest Finish Blends™ come in 80 lb, pre-mixed bags, 12 bags per batch just add pigment and water. We will gladly provide you with batch formulas and they can be obtained by contacting your local sales representative.

Yes, we offer a 7 year material warranty on all of our Finest Finish™ Pre-Blends, with the exception of the Arctic Coast polished series which has a 10 year warranty. You can find detailed warranty information under each product specific page or my clicking on Warranty here or in the footer from any page.

Pool plaster installation is a skilled trade and not an ideal DIY project. We only sell our products to licensed contractors, to find your local installer please visit our consumer page.

We have put together a fantastic tool that serves as a quick reference guide to all the details on our Finest Finish Blend Interiors. You can find component info, warranty, PSI strengths, longevity estimates etc. on this easy to read chart. Print out a copy for yourself here: Finest Finish Blends Product Info Chart.